Freedom of the Borough Awards

This morning I attended a Civic Reception to mark the award of Freedom of the Borough of Wirral to two of our local volunteer Armed Forces squadrons.

234 (Wirral) Transport Squadron Royal Logistics Corps and 107 (Lancashire & Chester) Field Squadron Royal Engineers were on parade at Birkenhead Town Hall and received the scrolls from the Mayor. The reception was attended by the Duke of Westminster, the High Sheriff and Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside.

Esther McVey MP, Me, Cllr James Keeley, Cllr Paul Hayes, Cllr Sheila Clarke, Cllr Cherry Povall and Wirral Council Leader, Cllr Jeff Green.

The march past in front of Birkenhead Town Hall in Hamilton Square.

A very proud day and a reminder of the appreciation and respect these men and women deserve from us all.


2 Responses to “Freedom of the Borough Awards”

  1. I have just read your local newsletter delivered to egremont, I was shocked to see the peice about the conservatives support the continuation of prohabition on some drugs. the same prohabition that has brought GUNS in to EGREMONT. The police are aware of this, so are the people of Egremont. its becoming a Norm, A 12 year old dealer/runner was caught with a gun clip a few weeks ago the police recently made a raid on the susspected owner of the gun who is also a drug dealer. Time to wake up folks the people of egremont are now living in fear!!

    • You will only have received my Newsline if you reside in New Brighton. If you live in Egremont, you’ll probably be in Liscard ward, served by my colleague, Cllr James Keeley.

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